What is the use of Mathematics

Mathematics Hothouse

Well, you might be asking this question in high school. You might have found that Math is a lot of formulae and manipulations similar to black magic in Algebra and wild imaginations in Geometry — I mean the proofs. So Math means prove this and that. Right?

I agree to some extent. Initially, it is sort of drab or *mechanical*. But, there is a good analogy. Think how you learnt writing the English alphabet — keep on drawing a big A, retracing it 10 times daily and perhaps, your Mom would have whacked you if you did not want to practise it. But, after you know English, the whole world of opportunities opens up for you; your vistas have widened. Exactly same is the case with Mathematics of high school and junior college. But, of course, there are applications of high school math which you learn later when you pursue…

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