Ask Marilyn about Math!!

Marilyn von Savant, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest IQ ever recorded, asked the following question in a TV show. She was ridiculed by a large number of people, including some professors of mathematics, who were  not happy with her correct answer to the problem. You are asked to choose one of three doors. Behind one, there is a prize, namely, a car and behind the other two are goats. After you have chosen, one of the remaining two doors is opened to show you a goat (this can always be done independent of your choice). Now, you are given a second option to either stick to original choice or switch to the other closed door. What should you do (obviously your objective is to increase the chance of choosing the door behind which the car is kept) ?

(Well, this is a famous, classic problem:-))

Shared by Nalin Pithwa. 

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