Some “good” mathematics institutes in Mumbai/India

Just a quick note:

Now that there is a lot of awareness about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Intelligence, Deep  Learning, Computer Vision, Data Science/Analytics etc., I feel that the “market value” of a pure mathematics degree or applied mathematics degree has risen very high in India also.

The following is just a personal view, which I would like to share with my readers/students (and their parents). (I  am not officially connected with any of the institutes mentioned below).

There are quite a few talented, hard-working, highly motivated students who  want to pursue mathematics at an undergraduate level in Mumbai (or elsewhere in India.) Some excellent options are as follows:

  1. Mumbai; Pursue B.Sc. Maths at St. Xavier’s, Churchgate. And, then continue further  PG study at IIT’s, or TIFR, Mumbai or TIFR, Bangalore, or CMI, or ISI, or IISc, Bangalore.
  2. Pune: S.P.College. B.Sc. Maths along with Madhava Competition. And, continue PG studies elsewhere.
  3. Also, there are (the famous) IISER’s (Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research) offering 4 year BS in Mathematics and 5 year MS in Mathematics at six campuses in India. The admissions are based on IITJEE Mains, IITJEE Advanced or KVPY.
  4. B.Sc. Mathematics programmes at : IISc, Bangalore; Chennai Mathematical Institute, (CMI), Chennai. The admission to IISc is through KVPY and admission to CMI is through its own entrance exam. CMI may be giving weightage to RMO  and INMO (of Homibhabha and TIFR).
  5. Also, on the side, there is Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) offering B.Sc. degree in Statistics via its own entrance exam. The past set of questions papers are available for sale in a book form.


Nalin Pithwa

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