RMO (Regional Mathematics Olympiad) — Plane Geometry Basics

Let us get started on plane geometry, some how or the other, now. Rather than starting with a lecture, let me start in a un-conventional format. A little challenging problem for you. Try to prove the following (Morley’s theorem):

In any arbitrary triangle, draw the trisectors of all the angles. Prove that the triangle formed by the points of intersection of adjacent trisectors (of different angles), taken in pair, is always equilateral.

Important Note: Please do not take look at any solution from the internet or any other source. You can use the basic theorems only presented in the Geometry toolkit, like as in, Problem Primer for the Olympiad, B J Venkatachala and/or in the lecture.

Ref: http://www.amazon.in/Problem-Primer-Olympiad-2Ed-Pranesachar/dp/8172862059/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1491439420&sr=1-1&keywords=problem+primer+for+the+olympiad

Have fun!

Nalin Pithwa.


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